How it works

The CLONEY Fund is a pooled investment fund where investors buy units (nominal value of AUD$100) in the Fund that is managed by Priomha Capital Pty Ltd.  The primary advantage of the Fund being pooled is that it means each investor secures the same price for every trade, pro-rata depending on proportion of total FUM.  Funds with segregated accounts permit the manager to “front run” and hence profit, risk free at the expense of their clients.  This practice is impossible given the structure of the CLONEY Fund.

The financial year end of the Fund is 30th June of each fiscal year.

The CLONEY Fund is underpinned by extensive statistical and probability analysis to identify intrinsic value in the individual markets. Much the same as in more traditional financial markets, investments are only made when there is a clear differential in the intrinsic value in any individual selection and that offered by the market(s).

Once the intrinsic value has been identified the decision is made to either “back” the investment (“long position” in financial market parlance) or “lay” it (“short position”).  As soon as a trade is “in-the-money” Priomha Capital Pty Ltd will look to either fully or partially trade out of its position, thereby securing an immediate profit and reducing its overall exposure.  In the event that a market moves against our position a series of stop-loss orders will be executed in order to protect capital and mitigate losses.

The Fund is administered in much the same way as those in traditional financial markets. Extensive portfolio and risk management principles are strictly adhered to with the results independently audited. Interim monthly and quarterly returns are communicated to investors via the website Investor’s Area.

Additionally, investors can view their portfolio position at any time via the secured Investor’s Area.

Fund performance The gross return of the CLONEY Multi-sport Investment Fund since inception (1st January 2010) through to December 31 2020 has been approximately +377.50%. During the same period the benchmark FTSE returned +19.35%, the ASX200 +34.81% and the HFRX +19.26%. *NOTE - See Cautionary Notes, Item 7.
CLONEY Fund Year Ending December 2020+5.10*% Since JAN 1, 2010+377.50*%
FTSE100 -14.34% +19.35%
ASX200 -1.45% +34.81%
HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index +6.81% +19.26%

Performance Measurement

Net Asset Valuations

In accordance with the Fund’s Memorandum and Articles of Association each investor’s portfolio will be calculated by Priomha Capital Pty Ltd at the close of business in Melbourne on each Valuation Day.

The Fund will issue monthly and six monthly reports with regards to Fund performance, based on the unaudited performance of the Fund.

Audited Statements

Annual reports can be provided, upon request, six months after the Fund’s financial year-end.