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CLONEY Global Investments Limited is a medium risk value fund suitable to investors who want to diversify their portfolio to include a product that is impervious to the financial markets and the general economy, and who seek returns that are uncorrelated to any other existing investment product. CLONEY Global Investments Limited takes an even approach to investing by holding a diverse range of sport and event positions, providing good growth potential with a medium risk of short-term volatility. An investment horizon of 3-5 years is recommended.

It is available to clients who wish to invest the Sterling equivalent of EUR100,000 and above.

The CLONEY Global Investments Limited is a multi-sport and event fund that includes but is not limited to investing in the the following assets:

  • European & International Football (Soccer)
  • Cricket
  • International Horse Racing
  • Golf

CLONEY Global Investments Limited is an open-ended investment company incorporated in Gibraltar on 9 March 2016 with registered number 114183.

CLONEY Global Investments is a pooled investment fund that is managed by Priomha Global Limited.

Investors will be issued Participation Shares which will be offered during the Initial Offering Period at an issue price of £1,000 per Share. Investors subscribing on each Subscription Date will be issued a separate Series of Participation Shares.

The financial year end of the Fund is 30th June of each fiscal year. The first financial year end of the Fund ends 30th June 2017.

The CLONEY Global Investments fund executes the identical trades as that of Priomha Capital’s CLONEY Multi-sport fund. The trades are executed together ensuring no front-running, counter trading or similar.

The CLONEY Global Investments fund is underpinned by extensive statistical and probability analysis to identify intrinsic value in the individual markets. Much the same as in more traditional financial markets, investments are only made when there is a clear differential in the intrinsic value in any individual selection and that offered by the market(s).

Once the intrinsic value has been identified the decision is made to either “back” the investment (“long position” in financial market parlance) or “lay” it (“short position”). As soon as a trade is “in-the-money” CLONEY Global Investments will look to either fully or partially trade out of its position, thereby securing an immediate profit and reducing its overall exposure.  In the event that a market moves against our position a series of stop-loss orders will be executed in order to protect capital and mitigate losses.

The Fund is administered in much the same way as those in traditional financial markets. Extensive portfolio and risk management principles are strictly adhered to with the results independently audited.  The Fund will issue monthly reports with regards to net asset valuations of each Series of Participation Shares and the Net Asset Value per Share.

Additionally, investors can view their portfolio position at any time via the secured Investor’s Area.

Net Asset Valuations

The value of the assets and liabilities attributable to each Participation Share, as well as the Net Asset Value per Share and the method of valuation shall be determined by the Administrator. The financial statements of the Fund will be prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards.

In accordance with the Fund’s Memorandum and Articles of Association, Net Assets Valuations (“NAV(s)”) in respect of Participation Shares will be calculated by the Administrator at the close of business in Gibraltar on each Valuation Day.

The Fund will issue six monthly reports with regards to the NAVs of each Series and per Participation Share, based on the unaudited performance of the Fund.

Audited Statements

Annual financial statements will be provided, upon request, six months after the Fund’s financial year-end.

Priomha Global Limited

Company No. 114182

REID No. GICO.114182-47

Founded in 2016, Priomha Global Limited is the Investment Director for CLONEY Global Investments Limited.

CLONEY Global Investments Limited

Company No. 114183

REID No. GICO.114183-44

CLONEY Global Investments Limited is domiciled in Gibraltar and is open to investors with the Sterling equivalent of EUR100,000 or EUR50,000 if the Investor is advised by a professional adviser in respect of the investment.