Who we are

The Priomha Group was created with a view to offer investors an alternative product to shares, bonds, property and other “traditional” investment vehicles and asset classes. We are fund managers whose investment universe focuses on the burgeoning markets of sports and event investment. In this nascent sector we provide unparalleled investment intelligence and funds management expertise.

Priomha’s investment universe is independent of prevailing economic conditions, is ostensibly recession proof, and offers returns that are uncorrelated to any other mainstream investment product. Subsequently, in formulating a balanced and diversified investment portfolio we believe it is prudent to have exposure to this sector.


Priomha Capital Pty Ltd

ACN 143 806 624

Founded in 2010, Priomha Capital is the Investment Director for the CLONEY multi-sport Investment Fund, a small scale private fund that has consistently out performed the global benchmark indices.

The CLONEY Fund is domiciled in Australia and is open to global retail and wholesale investors with AUD$100,000 or more.

What we do

Investment Objective

The objective of Priomha’s Fund is to mitigate much of the risk inherent with sports and event investment and generate long-term returns in excess of the major stock market and the global hedge fund indices.

The benchmarks by which to gauge investment performance are the ASX200 Index, FTSE100 Index and the Global HFRX Index.

Investment Strategy

Priomha uses an approach that is grounded in historical statistical data to analyse investment opportunities across a number of Australian and international sports and events that are offered on global betting exchanges and by registered bookmakers.

In general, Priomha trades long and short sports and event strategies that have a directional component and relative value strategy on either sports betting exchanges or with registered bookmakers. Priomha utilises short and medium term time frames and includes opportunistic intra-event trading as part of its overall strategy.




Key Benefits of Priomha’s Fund

An investment in Priomha’s Fund offers significant benefits including but not limited to;

Non-correlated Returns:   Priomha’s Fund returns are not correlated to the performance of traditional investment products such as stocks, bonds, property etc. Subsequently, Priomha’s Fund can provide your investment portfolio with valuable diversification.

Investment Returns:  Priomha’s Fund returns have historically been commensurate with other mainstream investment products. Subsequently, as part of an overall portfolio, an investment in Priomha’s Fund can be highly attractive.

Recession Proof:  The asset classes invested in by Priomha’s Fund is ostensibly impervious to domestic or global economic conditions and hence un-correlated returns can be achieved more consistently.

Reduced Volatility:  Priomha does NOT use leverage.  Subsequently, the volatility associated with most alternative asset classes does not pervade Priomha’s Fund.  We are able to generate significant returns without the downside risk that our competitive funds incur.

Management & Investment Team

The Priomha Group’s Management and Investment team are experienced sports, gaming and business executives. The founder and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) has advanced tertiary qualifications in Engineering, Finance and completed MBA studies at UCT, Cape Town and Columbia University, New York, finishing valedictorian.

The CIO has a background in professional sport and worked as a bookmaker for M&H Racing in Sussex and Surrey, England. Additionally, the CIO has worked in investment banking, private equity and venture capital across a range of industries.

In response to the erratic nature of mainstream financial markets, coupled with the proliferation of betting exchanges such as Betfair (www.betfair.com) he identified the potential of profitably trading on the sports and event markets, leading to the establishment of Priomha Capital in 2010.

A team of analysts with experience in sports and investment and professional qualifications in quantitative disciplines such as science, accounting and mathematics support the CIO through undertaking extensive statistical and trending analysis coupled with rigorous background research and market intelligence.

Additionally, through the use of data scientists and IT specialists The Group have developed sport-specific algorithms that are used to identify value in all markets. The results of this research underpin all investment recommendations and decisions undertaken by Priomha Capital.